Ultimate 7 Day Men’s Program

Girls – how’s your man? In many ways he is just like your car. If you want to keep him running in top condition throughout the long years of life, you need to make sure he is regularly serviced – including professional, physical and emotional maintenance. If he’s a racing car-man, he needs even more servicing than most!

Men – you need to feel bullet proof and invincible – right?. Are you reluctant to talk about your health issues? “I’m fine”, or “It’s all under control” are not good solutions. Please don’t wait for a crisis before you do something about your wellness and longevity! Take 2 minutes to read how we can help you today.

Designed specifically for men, our Living Valley 7 day Men’s Cleanse will refresh, revive, rejuvenate and restore you to the optimal man that you need to be.

Take a break from family and work stress. Quit smoking once and for all, lose weight and deal with potential or chronic concerns such as prostate, heart, hormonal, emotional or sugar-related issues. We are here for you and together we will achieve amazing results.

Our program includes professional naturopathic consultations and personal life planning, in addition to health and lifestyle education lectures. You can enjoy cleansing juices and detox shakes, organic gourmet meals and a variety of therapeutic treatments, boxercises, fitness classes, personal training and life coaching. Explore our 145 acre Hinterland property.

Mens Health Cleanse Inclusions:

*Every Saturday morning we invite our guests to participate in an optional  sunrise adventure. We alternate each week between a pre-sunrise climb up Mt. Cooroora in nearby Pomona (15 minutes away), and a trip to Noosa Beach & National Park (45 minutes away). We provide transport and refreshments. We return to the retreat for an 8:30am breakfast.

Prices Starting from $3,610

 Optional Upgrades and Extra Treatments (subject to availability):

Men’s Health – 7 Nights – Starting Every Sunday

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