Living Valley Springs Reviews

Real Results. Changed Lives. You too?

Debbie Fisher

Just One Step at a Time.

"I know now..that I can do anything if I fuel my body with the right things."

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Shane Moloney

Helping my Daughter.

"The knowledge and wisdom provided to us over the 10 days has truly been amazing."

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Alexandra Golledge

The Best Possible Chance

"I immediately felt I was in safe, very well informed hands."

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Mike Higgins

Something Beautiful

"I found something beautiful to be thankful for every single day."

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Joan Haase

Highly Recommended

"We have been on cruises and other holidays, but our stay at Living Valley Springs was the best time away that I have ever had."

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Josephine Bode

Taught Anew

"The staff are caring and brimming with health – a true inspiration."

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Kate Lawrence

Healthy Digestion

"The total package that you offer is incredible"

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Andy Little

Young & Healthy

"By the end of the stay I had never felt so healthy in my life." - Andy Little

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Anna Hetherington

12 Years of Agonising Pain Gone

"The depression, abdominal pain, endometriosis, infertility, polycystic ovaries etc have all gone" - Anna Hetherington

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Dr Sue Cory

Prevent Illness & Maintain Health

"I only hope more doctors will become more open to this powerful approach." - Dr Sue Cory

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Carmel Egan

Multiple Sclerosis

"The symptoms...began to subside within weeks of commencing the treatment."

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A New Life

"I am going home a very different person to the one that arrived here, smiling and healthier."

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Ross River Virus

"..have been doing things I had been unable to do for 4 Months."

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"I was desperate – absolutely exhausted and didn’t know which way to turn."

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Another 40 Years

"..we lay in bed laughing that “Boot Camp” is where we had ended up."

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"I am reinspired to cook and since the cook 'controls' the diet they are bound to get the benefit"

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"I feel very blessed and look forward to returning."

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"It was truly the best thing I have ever done for myself."

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"We are very fortunate to have this facility available to us in Australia."

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Carolin Buchanan

Stroke Recovery

"The carers all excelled."

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Needing Nurturing

"From the moment I arrived I knew this is where I needed to be to receive that healing."

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Take That Depression!

"It is a life changing experience."

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"..everyone is always cheerful and helping."

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Dr Peter Johnston

A GP's Experience

"A skilled team of caring professionals...working in harmony to give wellness and longevity through natural methods".

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Learning to Live

"LVS has exceeded my expectations."

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Hettie Andrighetto

Renewed Energy

"I had a renewed energy upon completion of the "journey" at Living Valley Springs."

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"Kindness is a gift of the heart that the staff here have been blessed with in abundance."

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Jason Crews

Chrons & Inflammatory Bowel Disease

"Confusion set in, the word 'disease' scared me but the doctors seemed so casual we didn't know if we should laugh or cry."

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Healed in Emotion, Body & Spirit

"Each of you blessed me more than you will know."

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Starting New

"I have recently returned from a 10 day cleanse and I have not felt this good for many years."

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Michael Bennett

70 going on 40.

"I emerged with a very clear mind, body and attitude towards my future."

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Thank you!

"Thank you so much for changing my life for the better."

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A Happy Family

"On arrival for the ten day program we were welcomed like old friends."

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A New Beginning

"I came burnt out and wondering in what way or how LVS could help."

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A 5 Star Expereince

"This was my 3rd visit and it simply gets better and better and better."

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Tyrone Misso

Kidney Failure & Overweight

"I feel great and wonderful and I am travelling overseas in 4 weeks time."

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So Much More

"I was totally burnt out and am now refreshed and empowered to live a quality, balanced life."

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A Trip Abroad

"Soon after these procedures I started getting symptoms like depression, anger, aggression, spastic colon and bad digestion. I thought it was hereditary."

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