Helping my Daughter.

“The knowledge and wisdom provided to us over the 10 days has truly been amazing.”

I attended the 10-day retreat at Living Valley Springs with my 14-year-old daughter who is suffering from Chronic Fatigue.

The knowledge and wisdom provided to us over the 10 days has truly been amazing. LVS has given us the tools to take charge of our lives and sustain them in the best health going into the future.

My daughter has shown true improvement over the program and we now look forward to utilising our new skills and following through with the NEWSTART message.

Never have I seen a more committed bunch of people working so well together. The staff of LVS certainly made the experience!

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  • Helena Taylor says:

    I have a daughter who for years has suffered with chronic fatigue and off and on fibromialgia. Are you able to help her. I have also struggled with health issues but have tried to eat right which has kept me going, but that is hard to explain to a teenager and 20 year old. I would like to bring my daughter and myself to you but my concern is how much will it cost and will we walk out knowing more then we do already. We have seen many a naturopath and holistic doctors. What is the difference in what you do here. ? Hope you can help Kind Regards Helena

  • Hi Helena, yes I believe we can help. I’ll send you an email with more details.

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