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Fresh juice, nut butter & healthy Ice-cream – the amazing Champion Juicer!

Watch as Giselle Eve, chef and real food creator, shows you how to make fresh juices to cleanse and nourish the body, healthy nut butters and delicious natural soft serve ice-cream! We’ve been using the Champion Juicer at Living Valley Health…
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Dry July & Detoxification

“Already”, you say! -  ‘DRY JULY’ again! Yes this is the time of year that thousands of Aussies prepare themselves to give up alcohol for a month to raise money to support people living with cancer. Brett Macdonald, the ‘Dry July’…
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Why should we use certified organic makeup?

Women use makeup everyday as part of their beauty regime to enhance appearance and boost self esteem. Typically, makeup is worn all day and sometimes into the evening - thus it is on the face 8-12 hours every day. Remembering…
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Winter Flue Fighting Tips
Food & Nutrition

Keep Warm, Keep Well This Winter!

It’s been a long hot summer and we are all welcoming the winter season this year, cool nights, warm fires and cosy beds. Some of us dread this time of year as winter brings about more viruses and bugs, officially…
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Food & Nutrition

Eat for Peak Performance

We eat to survive. However, what we eat determines much about our personality, our physical, emotional and mental health, and our potential. It starts before conception. A tree planted in nutrient-rich soil produces quality fruit. One in nutrient-deficient soil produces…
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Food & Nutrition

Valentine’s Day Raw Cacao Chocolates

Raw Cacao Chocolates - Peppermint or Jaffa Flavoured (Raw, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Paleo) Raw Cacao is a highly nutritious superfood rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. It is a great source of magnesium, potassium, zinc and many other important…
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Sweat it out. Discover this detox secret going back thousands of years!

For generations, people have taken to steam baths for relaxing and remedial purposes. Indeed, the history of the steam bath can be traced back thousands of years, and it was the Ancient Romans who first brought the heat treatment to…
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The Top 3 Benefits of Rising Early Each Day

When it comes to sleep, it's long been documented how important it can be to get the seven to nine hours per night recommended by the Sleep Health Foundation. Not only are we more likely to wake up fully refreshed, we'll be more alert,…
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Managing Depression

Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. In Australia, it is estimated that 45 per cent of people will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime. In any one year, around one million Australian adults suffer with depression,…
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HealthNews & Projects

Part 4: The Life Changing Results Of A Traditional Diet

Towards the end of our week on Elcho Island we were in and out of consultations and meetings. These consultations took place in Tim and Kama’s office and also my preferred consultation office, which is outside on the ground under the…
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