Liberated – Physically and Emotionally!

Physical and emotional mental health empowerment may both be achieved during your healthy holiday at Living Valley.

As an adjunct to our wide range of physical therapies, we provide the optional services of a counsellor who will empower you with the science to achieve and maintain right thinking & mental health. One-on-one sessions will promote victory in your life.

Shannon Dodd works with clients experiencing a wide range of mental health conditions, including stress, depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma, relationship issues, chronic pain and grief.

The highest priority is to create a safe environment for our guests, to investigate their current thought and behaviour patterns, and so produce lasting change in their lives. Our life coach brings attention to one’s full potential and purpose in life. She will help you to recognise your ability to acquire the skills needed to increase motivation and make positive and healthy choices for a great future. It is all about ‘Freedom’.

Availability is limited. It is recommended that you book an empowerment package at the same time you confirm your retreat reservation.

  • Freedom Package – 2 sessions during a 7-day retreat – $300

  • Sovereignty Package – 4 sessions during a 14-day retreat – $600

  • Individual sessions – $150

After your program, our counsellor may also provide ongoing support using Skype or phone consulting sessions if needed.

Start today!

The whole team at Living Valley is here for you and we look forward to giving you the best overall healing experience available.

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